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April 2021

Astute insight and unique perspectives for an ever-changing world

Aerial View delivers insightful, reliable and succinct financial commentary, sharing unique perspectives honed by our commentators’ decades of experience in FX, fixed income and equity markets.
In his daily Morning Briefing, Daniel Tenengauzer delves into the latest market data, deconstructs recent events and exposes emerging market trends.

John Arabadjis’ iFlow Monitor provides a daily snapshot of how aggregated trade flows are moving throughout the global financial system, applying BNY Mellon’s suite of unique iFlow indicators to tease out the factors driving investor behavior.

A picture paints a thousand words, and in Chart of the Day John Velis uses the prism of a single image to explore how the latest monetary policy actions and data releases are impacting currencies and bond markets.

In addition to their regular commentary, our strategists also periodically publish in-depth analysis built from BNY Mellon’s proprietary iFlow data, bringing you intelligence informed by our role as the world’s largest custodian, positioned at the heart of international financial markets

That is what it means to have the Aerial View.

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Daniel Tenengauzer

COMMENTATOR, Morning Briefing

Daniel Tenengauzer, Head of Markets Strategy, BNY Mellon Markets

Daniel is our head of markets strategy and leader of the Aerial View market commentary platform. In this role, he provides clients with original insights into the world's asset and currency flows. He is also a media spokesperson for the bank, commenting frequently on global macroeconomic and geopolitical issues.

John Arabadjis

COMMENTATOR, iFlow Monitor

John Arabadjis, Head of Macro Strategy Product & Analytics, BNY Mellon Markets

John is responsible for developing macroeconomic metrics and analytics, both for BNY Mellon and our clients, by applying the tools of data science to vast amounts of proprietary, market and macroeconomic data. Informed by his background in astrophysics, John’s areas of specialization include behavioral finance, alternative data, multi-asset risk management, sustainable investing, private equity and quantitative investment management.

John Velis

COMMENTATOR, Morning Briefing and Chart of the Day

John Velis, FX and Macro Strategist for the Americas, BNY Mellon Markets

In his capacity as FX and macro strategist for the Americas, John leads our North American cross-asset class commentary, with a particular focus on analyzing Federal Reserve monetary policy, inflation and employment data. A highly sought-after commentator on financial television networks around the globe, John has also been instrumental in the development of our suite of iFlow filters.

Geoffrey Yu

COMMENTATOR, Morning Briefing and Chart of the Day

Geoffrey Yu, FX and Macro Strategist for EMEA, BNY Mellon Markets

Geoff Yu is an FX and macro strategist for EMEA, BNY Mellon Markets. A proven analyst and commentator on foreign exchange markets and asset allocation, Geoff is also a specialist on economic and political developments in China. He formerly served as the UK CIO for UBS Wealth Management and as a senior FX strategist for UBS Investment Bank. Raised in the UK and China, Geoffrey holds a double BA from Carleton College in the USA and an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics.

Juliette Eastwood


Juliette Eastwood, Macro Strategy Product and Analytics Team, BNY Mellon Markets

Juliette Eastwood is a data scientist on the Macro Strategy Product and Analytics team, specializing in developing metrics of investor behavior using a wide array of econometric tools on vast amounts of proprietary and markets data. Prior to joining Bank of New York Mellon she worked as a data scientist at Scienaptic Systems, a technology startup, where she developed machine learning interpretability methods and predictive analytics. Juliette earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Masters in Political Economy from the University of Arizona.

Peter Madigan

EDITOR-AT-LARGE, The Aerial View

Peter Madigan, Editor-at-Large, BNY Mellon Markets

Peter is responsible for crafting the division’s written content across the FX, capital markets, securities financing and collateral management businesses. In addition to drafting original copy, Peter also acts as content editor for our market commentators and industry spokespersons, ensuring that Markets communicates externally with a single, consistent narrative voice.