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Increased transparency. Faster decisions.

Integrating BNY Mellon custody information with SimCorp Dimension® enhances near real-time information and operational efficiency, ultimately strengthening decision making and optimizing strategic agility.

BNY Mellon Custody Information At Your Fingertips

Cash Reconciliations

Achieve the highest possible match rates through optimized cash reconciliation information.

Paid Tax Reclaims

Improve productivity and reduce risk associated with unpaid tax reclaims through this integration with SimCorp Corporate Actions Manager.

Pending Tax Reclaims

Reduce the risk of incorrect tax accruals and increase the efficiency of open tax reclaims through automation.

Enhanced Trade Status

Have greater visibility of your trade settlement cycle and near real-time updates all within one system.

Agency Lending Data

Manage settlement risk and counter-party exposure by incorporating the securities lending into your core investment process.

Enhanced Corporate Actions

Improve workflow and efficiency through increased transparency of complex corporate actions.

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